Monday, June 17, 2013

Treasure Island

Treasure Island By: Robert Louis Stevenson

Jim's family owns and runs the Admiral Benbow Inn. They usually have a few characters that come and visit, but one of the most important people to stay changes their lives.  Billy Bones, an old seaman, brings some trouble and then leaves a chest with a map. Jim takes this map to Dr. Livesey and they find that it is a treasure map. Jim sets off on an adventure of a lifetime, as he tries to help find the treasure and learns the way of the sea, and pirates

I have never read this classic book.  I was instantly drawn into the story of pirates and treasure, and the ways of greedy men.  I enjoyed reading about Jim and how he changed through the book. I cannot wait until my boys are ready to listen to this book.  Great read for any pirate loving person.

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ISBN: 9781612184166

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