Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiger Lily

Tiger lily  By: Jodi Lynn Anderson

This is the story of Tiger lily and how she came to know and love Peter Pan.  Told from the perspective of Tinker Bell.  Tinker Bell acts as the narrator in Tiger lily's life and tells how she was raised as sort of an outcast in her community.  Tinker Bell tells us how Tiger lily finds a man on shore and against the wishes of her tribe saves him from death, only to loose him again to the evil pirates.  It shows how Tiger lily and Peter Pan develop their relationship and shows the love that she has for him.  It also shows how Tiger lily beats the odds in her life and makes herself the person that she is at the end of the book.

This was a fascinating twist on the story of Peter Pan.  It was a little more dark than the stories that are told today, but I really could not put it down.  I found myself trapped in the story with Tiger lily and just kept hoping that she would be happy.  I found the character portrayals in this book to be very insightful and sort of scary at the same time. This would be a great read for high school readers and up!!

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-06-200325-6

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Wild By: Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl was going through a very rough time in her life. She had lost her mother to cancer, and her marriage was not what she wanted it to be. She was trying to fix herself for others and that just was not working for her.  She decided to take up a hike, not just any hike, she was going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail!  For someone who had not hiked very much, this was a strange way to find yourself. She met many people on her way, and did some crazy things as she hiked alone such a long long way!

I cannot say that I loved this book, but I found it sort of fascinating.  Cheryl definitely found a way to be alone and work through the issues that were plaguing her in her life.   I thought that she was very brave, and very dumb at the same time to hike alone, hitch rides with strangers, and just have no way to tell people if she was okay.  It is an interesting read though, but I would not have chosen it if my book club had not read it.

I borrowed this from a friend who purchased it at Costco
ISBN: 978-0-307-59273-6

UnEnchanted & Fairest

UnEnchanted & Fairest By: Chanda Hahn

Strange things have begun to happen to Mina Grime.  She has always been an awkward. clumsy girl, but now she is a hero. She has saved the most popular boy from a deathly fall on her high school field trip.  She cannot believe her luck that he is finally noticing her and seems to have taken an interest in her. That is until she is told by her mother about the curse on her family.  She is told that she is actually a member of the Grimm family, that is cursed to play out fairy tales and capture evil Fae into the special book called the Grimoire.  She is given the help of a not so friendly Jared, who tells her she will not last, but helps her fight her fairy tale battles!  But what can she do, she has to fight them to save herself and keep the curse from transferring to her younger brother.  In her epic battles, can she stay alive?

I loved these two books and truly hope there is another.  They were a great read for high school readers and show courage of the main character and just fun teen drama.  I loved how the character, Mina, was so adamant to keep the curse from hurting her brother and felt compelled to do the job that she was given.  I like the drama that plays out between Mina, Nan, Brody, and Jared and want the story to keep going so I can see how it all plays out.  GREAT read!

I bought these from in Kindle Edition UnEnchanted was FREE!! and Fairest was only $2.99 a Steal!!

ISBN: 978-1475070309  and 978-1478215776

Monday, September 3, 2012


Mimi By: John Newman

It has been 149 days since Mimi's mom has died.  Her family is in a terrible place, as her father has lost his job and does nothing but sit at home sad and make horrible pizza for the kids to eat.  Mimi and her brother and sister are trying their best to survive and make it.  Mimi is never on time to school and never does  her homework.  But something has to change.  Mimi's new teacher will not take excuses from her and that finally makes her break and try to get her family back on track. 

I thought this was a very touching book about how families deal with tragedy. It shows that now matter how low things get there is always hope  that things will change.  I love how the family finally snapped out of it and took care of each other and the things that were important. Continuing living.  Great read for fourth grade through seventh grade

I borrowed this from public library
ISBN: 978-0-7696-5415-3

Wait Till Helen Comes

Wait Till Helen Comes By: Mary Downing Hahn

Molly and her brother Michael are not happy about moving into an old church out in the country with their mother, step dad, and step sister.  They try to make the best of it, but when Heather, their step sister finds an old graveyard just off their property where there is a hidden grave of a girl about the same age things begin to get creepy. It is no secret to Molly that Heather does not like her, but when she starts to threaten Molly and Michael with the threat that the ghost Helen is going to get them Molly is really scared.  Helen, has taken over Heather and tries to convince Heather to come with her into death. Can Molly save her and fix the household before it breaks into pieces?

This was a creepy ghost story that was perfect for fifth through eighth graders.  It had so many elements to it that would appeal to readers, such as changing family dynamics, sad past experiences, and just plain ghostly fun.  I really liked that the character Molly was trying everything to make people  believe her and despite the nasty things that Heather did to her she still went out of her way to save her and make Heather feel that she could be part of the family. 

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-547-02864-4