Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiger Lily

Tiger lily  By: Jodi Lynn Anderson

This is the story of Tiger lily and how she came to know and love Peter Pan.  Told from the perspective of Tinker Bell.  Tinker Bell acts as the narrator in Tiger lily's life and tells how she was raised as sort of an outcast in her community.  Tinker Bell tells us how Tiger lily finds a man on shore and against the wishes of her tribe saves him from death, only to loose him again to the evil pirates.  It shows how Tiger lily and Peter Pan develop their relationship and shows the love that she has for him.  It also shows how Tiger lily beats the odds in her life and makes herself the person that she is at the end of the book.

This was a fascinating twist on the story of Peter Pan.  It was a little more dark than the stories that are told today, but I really could not put it down.  I found myself trapped in the story with Tiger lily and just kept hoping that she would be happy.  I found the character portrayals in this book to be very insightful and sort of scary at the same time. This would be a great read for high school readers and up!!

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-06-200325-6

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