Monday, February 27, 2012

Max's Dragon

Max's Dragon By: Kate Banks Illustrated By: Boris Kulkikov

Max and his brothers Karl and Benjamin are out playing a game of croquet when Max spots something on the ground.  It is an umbrella that has a dragon on it. Max puts it up and then makes a rhyme about his dragon. The cloud above him turns into a dragon cloud, but his brothers still do not believe him. Then the dragon cloud fights the a dinosaur cloud and the rain begins.  It all is solved when Max and his brothers make rhymes to tell the storm to go away!

This was a beautiful story that showed that brothers can get along. It had wonderful pictures that told the story wonderfully!  The way the boys had to work together was fun and the action of the clouds fighting made the story great.  My students at school loved this book and so do my kids, so it is a great book for elementary reader.

I borrowed this from the school library.
ISBN: 978-0-374-39921-4

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Aviary

The Aviary By: Kathleen O'Dell

Clara is a twelve year old girl who lives in the Glendoveer mansion with her mother, another housekeeper, and Mrs. Glendoveer.  She has never attended school, or had any friends because her mother says that she has a heart condition.  She has learned from the women around her, and is not fond of the birds in the aviary in the backyard.  Mrs. Glendoveer falls ill and passes away which is sad for Clara.  Clara also meets a girl named Daphne, and starts up a secret friendship with her.  After Mrs. Glendoveer passes on the birds in the aviary begin to talk with Clara. At first she cannot seem to make out what is happening, but she begins to reveal a long standing secret about what happened to the Glendoveer children when they went missing and died.  While solving this mystery with her friend Daphne, Clara finds out a whole lot more about who she is, and who her family is.

This was a fantastic book. I loved the mystery and magic in it.  The words painted a great picture of the characters and setting so that you felt like you were watching a movie instead of reading.  I thought that they characters were wonderful and the child heroine was great!  I would recommend this for any junior high or older reader.  Great Great Book!

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-375-85605-1

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians

The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians  By: Carla Morris Illustrated By: Brad Sneed

This is the story of Melvin, who loved to learn at the Livingston Public Library. He spent many many hours there with his friends, Marge, Betty, and Leeola, who were the librarians who would open the world of knowledge to him in their own special ways.  Melvin loved to take his questions to them and they would answer them with books and knowledge from all sources.  The ladies were such a part of his life that they celebrated with him at his triumphs and when he became the next new librarian they were right there for him too!

This was a beautiful book!  It had wonderful illustrations and told the story of how important a library is to the life of a child.  It made me so sad for kids today that do not know the love of libraries and books, and the people in them.  My students at school loved this book and I think every school and library should have a copy on display so that everyone can love this story too! We also need librarians back in every school to share books like this and learning like this to each kid.

I borrowed this from the school library
ISBN: 978-1-56145-391-7

Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain

Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain By: Dave Keane Illustrated By: David Clark

Bobby Bramble is a super busy young man who is always looking for adventure and has ants in his pants. He is always told  to be careful all the time or he will fall and crack his head. He does not believe anyone but one day it happens to him. He falls on his head and it opens up and his brain falls out, the neighbors and everyone look everywhere to find his brain.  One day Bobby's body acts like it has a mind of its own when it sees its brain and chases after it, finally Bobby catches his brain and puts it back in.  The first words he says are, "Mom, can we order pizza for dinner?" and everyone knows he is back to normal.

This book is just funny!  The story is hysterical as the town is all in search of the brain that is missing. And for kids that are always told to be careful they might take heed by seeing that their brain might really fall out. :) The pictures are really funny and add to the fun of the story.  A high scholar read this book to my fourth grade class and they thought it was great.

I borrowed this book from the school library.
ISBN: 978-0-547-05644-9

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Three Little Tamales

The Three Little Tamales By: Eric A Kimmel Illustrated By: Valeria Docampo

There are three little tamales that decide one day to follow the run away tortilla from Tio Jose and Tia Lupe's taqueria.  They have found out if they stay they will be eaten. Off they go into the wild.  The first one makes a house out of sagebrush, the second makes a house out of cornstalks, and the third one makes a house out of cactus ribs. Senor Lobo comes around and they out smart the crazy Wolf and live happily ever after with the run away tortillas as well.

I love this story! It is a great addition to any Three Little Pigs collection. The illustrations are beautiful and make the story come to life.  The tamales have great expressions and distinct personalities as well.  My fourth and fifth graders enjoyed listening to this one aloud. A great elementary read.

I borrowed this from the school library.
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5519-6

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romeo and Lou

Romeo and Lou Blast Off By: Derek Anderson

This is the story of what happens to Romeo and Lou when the snow rocket they build turns into a real rocket and blasts them into an whole new world. Romeo and Lou don't know what to make of this new place where penguins (a man in a suit) yell at you and polar bears (a dog on a leash) bark at you.  They get into a few sticky situations before finding a place that they can build a new rocket to take them home!

This is a cute book.  The pictures are fantastic and really make the story that much better. The expressions on the characters faces are perfect.  The plot of this story also draws the reader in immediately. My fourth and fifth graders and my own kids at home really liked hearing this one!

I borrowed this from the school library.
ISBN: 978-1-4169-3784-5

The False Princess

The False Princess By: Eilis O’Neal
After finding out that she is not the princess she thought she was, Sinda is sent to live with her only living relative, her aunt Varil.  Sinda does not find this a easy place to be as her aunt shows that she does not care for her, and the one she thought was her friend turns out not to be. So Sinda sets off to the city of the palace because she finds out she has magical powers. But the College of Wizardry will not let her in, but she finds one wizard that is willing to train her and let her live with her.  She is also reconnected with her childhood friend Kiernan, whom she missed very badly.  The two of them uncover a second plot against the princess which has the princess being replaced by a false princess again, and they set out to find the real princess and return her to her rightful home. But will they make it out of this mystery alive? And can they find the real princess and bring her back in time?

This was a great book. It was a story filled with finding yourself when the person you thought you were is no longer there.  It shows that if you are true to yourself things will work out ok, even when there are bumps in the road. I loved the main character, and felt for her when she tried to make the best of the new life that was laid out for her.  There was action and magic in this book as well that made it a fun fast read.  Great middle school and up read.

I borrowed this from the public library.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Eve By: Anna Carey

Eve lives with a bunch of other girls at her school. They are there because they were orphaned when a terrible epidemic of a virus killed off much of the population.  She is about to graduate and head off to school to learn a trade so that she can enter the City of Sand.  But on the night before her graduation she finds out the truth about what they are being raised to become. She must flee the home she knows and venture out on her own to find a place to live.  She is scared and alone until she finds one of her school mates, Arden who did not like her very much.  They set off together to find refuge and are caught in being hunted by the soldiers as Eve appears to be worth a lot to the King. Caleb finds them and says he will help them. But can Eve get rid of the fear of men she has always had, can they find a place to live safely?

This was an interesting suspense filled book. The characters are ones that you root for and this book really makes you think about how scary things could be if something like this happened. It was interesting to see how the New American kept the boys and girls separate and what lengths they were going to, to repopulate the Americas.  The writing was fantastic and made me not want to put it down.  Great young adult read, high school and up!

I borrowed this from the public library,
ISBN: 978-0-06-204850-9

Trouble Gum

Trouble Gum By: Matthew Cordell

Ruben and his little brother Julius are having a boring day at home since it is raining.  They are bored playing with their toys and trying to stay quiet for their mom and Grammy. Grammy says try some gum but mom is unsure as gum usually makes a mess. But mom agrees but tells Ruben to follow the rules, which of course Ruben does not and this leads to a mess.

This is a funny book not because of the story or words but because of the pictures.  They are these little tiny pictures on huge pages and it is hysterical. The way the characters expressions change make this book a fun choice for read aloud. My fourth and fifth graders really enjoyed it and my kids at home did too.

My son borrowed this from the public library.
 ISBN: 978-0-312-38774-7

Ping Pong Pig

Ping Pong Pig By: Caroline Jayne Church

Ping Pong just wants to fly! He is a pig that loves to feel the air!! But all he really cares about it flying and not helping his farm friends do all their work. In fact, he messes up their work. So to get rid of him they build him a trampoline.  He is so thankful for it he realizes he can help his friends using it!!  And he loves to fly.

I love this book and my kiddos do to.  My own kids love to hear it and laugh (2nd grade and Kinder) but the fourth and fifth graders love it too!

I purchased this book at the Scholastic Book Fair!
ISBN: 978-0-545-23601-0

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Killing Lincoln

Killing Lincoln By: Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

This is the story of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  It tells of events surrounding and leading up to the death of President Lincoln.  I found this book quite interesting. I am not a history buff, but this book fortunately did not read like a history book and therefore was easy to read.  It told of many events that were going on around the time that Lincoln was killed that I did not remember about from school,  and it showed life from the perspective of the man who planned to at first just kidnap the president and then changed to assassination. I really did not know that so many people were involved in the plot. I know that it is a controversial book but I found it to be good.  Definitely out of my ordinary range of book reading so not a kid book, but after discussing it with my book group a good discussion book for all adults.

Purchased at Costco
ISBN:  9780805093070

The Feet in the Gym

The Feet in the Gym By: Teri Daniels Illustrated by: Travis Foster

Ever wondered how the custodian feels about people that leave dirty footprints in the school?  This is the book for you Bod the Custodian works to keep the floors of Lakeside school clean and neat every day. He is up against some pretty dirty kids, like the soccer team, art class, and the band.  But he is not worried! He keeps it clean for everyone! Or does he?

I thought this was just a funny book to read. The kids in my class liked it because the pictures were very animated and fun to look at  and the story was silly.  A great read for any age

I borrowed this from the school library.
ISBN: 1-890817-12-0