Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Eve By: Anna Carey

Eve lives with a bunch of other girls at her school. They are there because they were orphaned when a terrible epidemic of a virus killed off much of the population.  She is about to graduate and head off to school to learn a trade so that she can enter the City of Sand.  But on the night before her graduation she finds out the truth about what they are being raised to become. She must flee the home she knows and venture out on her own to find a place to live.  She is scared and alone until she finds one of her school mates, Arden who did not like her very much.  They set off together to find refuge and are caught in being hunted by the soldiers as Eve appears to be worth a lot to the King. Caleb finds them and says he will help them. But can Eve get rid of the fear of men she has always had, can they find a place to live safely?

This was an interesting suspense filled book. The characters are ones that you root for and this book really makes you think about how scary things could be if something like this happened. It was interesting to see how the New American kept the boys and girls separate and what lengths they were going to, to repopulate the Americas.  The writing was fantastic and made me not want to put it down.  Great young adult read, high school and up!

I borrowed this from the public library,
ISBN: 978-0-06-204850-9

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