Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Aviary

The Aviary By: Kathleen O'Dell

Clara is a twelve year old girl who lives in the Glendoveer mansion with her mother, another housekeeper, and Mrs. Glendoveer.  She has never attended school, or had any friends because her mother says that she has a heart condition.  She has learned from the women around her, and is not fond of the birds in the aviary in the backyard.  Mrs. Glendoveer falls ill and passes away which is sad for Clara.  Clara also meets a girl named Daphne, and starts up a secret friendship with her.  After Mrs. Glendoveer passes on the birds in the aviary begin to talk with Clara. At first she cannot seem to make out what is happening, but she begins to reveal a long standing secret about what happened to the Glendoveer children when they went missing and died.  While solving this mystery with her friend Daphne, Clara finds out a whole lot more about who she is, and who her family is.

This was a fantastic book. I loved the mystery and magic in it.  The words painted a great picture of the characters and setting so that you felt like you were watching a movie instead of reading.  I thought that they characters were wonderful and the child heroine was great!  I would recommend this for any junior high or older reader.  Great Great Book!

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-375-85605-1

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