Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain

Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain By: Dave Keane Illustrated By: David Clark

Bobby Bramble is a super busy young man who is always looking for adventure and has ants in his pants. He is always told  to be careful all the time or he will fall and crack his head. He does not believe anyone but one day it happens to him. He falls on his head and it opens up and his brain falls out, the neighbors and everyone look everywhere to find his brain.  One day Bobby's body acts like it has a mind of its own when it sees its brain and chases after it, finally Bobby catches his brain and puts it back in.  The first words he says are, "Mom, can we order pizza for dinner?" and everyone knows he is back to normal.

This book is just funny!  The story is hysterical as the town is all in search of the brain that is missing. And for kids that are always told to be careful they might take heed by seeing that their brain might really fall out. :) The pictures are really funny and add to the fun of the story.  A high scholar read this book to my fourth grade class and they thought it was great.

I borrowed this book from the school library.
ISBN: 978-0-547-05644-9

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