Monday, September 3, 2012


Mimi By: John Newman

It has been 149 days since Mimi's mom has died.  Her family is in a terrible place, as her father has lost his job and does nothing but sit at home sad and make horrible pizza for the kids to eat.  Mimi and her brother and sister are trying their best to survive and make it.  Mimi is never on time to school and never does  her homework.  But something has to change.  Mimi's new teacher will not take excuses from her and that finally makes her break and try to get her family back on track. 

I thought this was a very touching book about how families deal with tragedy. It shows that now matter how low things get there is always hope  that things will change.  I love how the family finally snapped out of it and took care of each other and the things that were important. Continuing living.  Great read for fourth grade through seventh grade

I borrowed this from public library
ISBN: 978-0-7696-5415-3

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