Saturday, September 15, 2012

UnEnchanted & Fairest

UnEnchanted & Fairest By: Chanda Hahn

Strange things have begun to happen to Mina Grime.  She has always been an awkward. clumsy girl, but now she is a hero. She has saved the most popular boy from a deathly fall on her high school field trip.  She cannot believe her luck that he is finally noticing her and seems to have taken an interest in her. That is until she is told by her mother about the curse on her family.  She is told that she is actually a member of the Grimm family, that is cursed to play out fairy tales and capture evil Fae into the special book called the Grimoire.  She is given the help of a not so friendly Jared, who tells her she will not last, but helps her fight her fairy tale battles!  But what can she do, she has to fight them to save herself and keep the curse from transferring to her younger brother.  In her epic battles, can she stay alive?

I loved these two books and truly hope there is another.  They were a great read for high school readers and show courage of the main character and just fun teen drama.  I loved how the character, Mina, was so adamant to keep the curse from hurting her brother and felt compelled to do the job that she was given.  I like the drama that plays out between Mina, Nan, Brody, and Jared and want the story to keep going so I can see how it all plays out.  GREAT read!

I bought these from in Kindle Edition UnEnchanted was FREE!! and Fairest was only $2.99 a Steal!!

ISBN: 978-1475070309  and 978-1478215776

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