Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Okay For Now

Okay For Now By: Gary D. Schmidt

Doug Swieteck refers to his new home as "The Dump" and he hates the small town he has moved to. Most people in town don't seem to trust him, and that is because they blame his brother for things that have been happening.  Doug is not his brother, but does have a hard life.  He knows to stay clear of his father, and is in eighth grade without knowing how to read. He proves people wrong in this town, he learns to draw from one of the librarians, his teachers figure out he cannot read and they help him, and he finds a friend in Lil.  But Doug knows that for every good thing there will be something challenging, and this proves true when bad things continue to happen. Doug shows that if you keep at it you can help those around you.

I loved this book.  It made me sad, in a good way.  One of the best books I have read and also one that will stick with me.  My heart broke for Doug and his situation, but loved how his character grew through all his trials.  Great read for middle and high school especially. The character from this book can be found in The Wednesday Wars

I was given this book as a gift
ISBN: 978-0-547-15260-8

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