Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Lost Children

The Lost Children By: Carolyn Cohagan

Josephine lives a lonely life, alone with her father that doesn't talk to her. She is hated at school because her father made a law that you must wear gloves at all times, and people hate them.  One day a mysterious boy comes to her house and she follows him through the shed into a different place and time.  Fargus and his friend Ida are in an orphanage in Gulm, where children disappear.  Josephine, Fargus, and Ida run away from the orphanage, their adventure begins, with kidnapping, children eating monsters, and a Master who controls the land of Gulm and takes the children. 

This was an interesting book, a very twisted tale.  I did think that the main character would appeal to children who are feeling lost and alone.  What I liked the best was that it was definitely not somethings that I have read before, a very original tale that I don't believe that others have gone with.  Perfect for the upper elementary and middle school readers.

I was given this book as a gift
ISBN: 978-0-545-38316-5

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