Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance By: Claudia Mills

Sierra is an example to her fellow students. She is super involved and is extremely interested in keeping her school safe and making sure that she gets good grades.  She has never been in trouble and tops the Honor Roll list. That is until the day she accidentally takes her mother's lunch to school. In this lunch is a knife to cut up the apple that her mother packed. Not knowing what to do and feeling she is doing the right thing, Sierra decides to take the knife to the lunch lady, and turn it in.  Well things spiral out of control as she is now in danger of being expelled from school because of the zero tolerance policy. As she battles to get back into school Sierra meets a friend that she never would have dreamed becoming friends with and learns a lot about some things she never knew.

This was a very captivating book. I believe that it makes a very important and very interesting discussion topic of when do you make exceptions and when do you draw the line. In this time in education when we need to keep our students protected but where is the line drawn. I can see book being used in  a classroom as a group discussion. And it is a good book to read.

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-374-33312-6

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