Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Titanic By: Gordon Korman

This is a trilogy about four young adults that find themselves aboard the Titanic.  Paddy is a thief and he finds himself in a sticky situation when he pick pockets the wrong man.  Now he is being chased by one of the most vicious gangster families.  He finds refuge on the Titanic, but he is not safe there either.  Here he meets Sophie (who has been put on the Titanic by the police) , Alfie (a steward with a big secret), and Juliana (a wealthy girl with a crazy father).  They know that there is a killer on the loose on board the Titanic and they are trying to find out who, stay alive, and make sure others are safe.  A terrible thing when we all know what is going to happen to the ship!

This was an exciting adventure book.  I love historical fiction, and this book makes it even better with a bit of a twist about who is on the Titanic.  I liked how the characters interacted and how they tried to help each other out. We all know what happens to the ship, so I found myself waiting for that terrible moment to see if the characters survive what is a worse fate than the killer they are looking for.

I purchased these from the Scholastic Book Order
1st Book ISBN: 978-0-545-12331-0

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