Monday, July 22, 2013

Sailor Moo Cow at Sea

Sailor Moo Cow at Sea By: Lisa Wheeler Illustrated By: Ponder Goembel

Moo spends her time like the other cows, eating in the pasture, but Moo dreams of the sea. One day she decides to find the sea and leaves the pasture behind.  Moo finds a ship owned by Captain Silver Claw and joins the crew of cats.  Moo loves sea life and makes many friends with the manatee. One day there is a terrible storm and Moo is tossed off the boat, she is saved by her manatee friends and she meets a crew of cow pirates.  She joins there crew and tries to get them to change their pirate ways. 

This is a funny picture book that made me laugh. Perfect read a loud and a fun story.

I was given this book.
ISBN: 0-689-84219-8

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