Friday, July 19, 2013


Stranded By: Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts

Carter is not thrilled that his new step siblings are on this boat trip with him.  He does not get along with them well, and just wanted to spend time with his Uncle Dexter.  But his mom and step dad are taking their honeymoon and thought it would be a chance for Carter, Jane, Buzz, and Vanessa to bond more.  Everything is going good until they hit a massive storm.  During the storm the boat begins to take on water and Uncle Dexter and his first mate, Joe, try to deploy the life raft, unfortunately before the kids can get on the life raft it is swept away.  The four are left on a boat that might possibly sink.  They end up stranded on an island alone. The four are able to make one call before the satellite phone stops working and the four are left to fend for themselves on this deserted island hoping that they just might be rescued and hoping that Dexter and Joe are safe.

This was a pretty good book. Full of fast paced action, and the fear of the worst.  I thought the relationship between the two sets of siblings was good, because I assume there might be issues when two families blend.  It was an interesting perspective to have, what would you do if you were a kid stranded on an island. I enjoyed it, there are two more in the series which is good as the book couldn't end the way it does!

I bought this from the Scholastic Book Order
ISBN: 978-0-545-56255-3

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