Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Sasquatch Escape

The Sasquatch Escape The Imaginary Veterinary Book 1 By: Suzanne Selfors Illustrated By: Dan Santat

Ben is really bummed, he has to spend the summer with his grandfather in the boring town of Buttonville.  A run down town where he knows the summer will be horrible. That is until unexpectedly he finds a baby dragon in his room.  He takes the dragon to Pearl and they set off to find someone that will help.  They find Mr. Tabby who runs a hospital for creatures that nobody think really exist. But when Ben accidentally leaves the front door unlocked and the Sasquatch escapes they have a lot more fun then he ever thought he would have.

This is a quirky funny book for anyone who loves creatures.  I know that any elementary school readers would love reading this book, I really enjoyed it too! Ben is having a hard time since his parents send him away and tell him that they need to work on their relationship. He is worried about what is going to happen to his parents and is angry that they send him away. I know many kiddos can relate to feeling this way about their families.  I think that it is great that kids can see that things can be better then you think and that even when you are worried about your life, you can still find things to feel good about.

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-316-20934-2

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