Friday, July 1, 2011

Chicken Cheeks

In honor of my boys.   They LOVE this book!
Chicken Cheeks By: Michael Ian Black and Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes   ISBN-13: 9781416948643

This book is about a bunch of animals trying to get to the top of a tall tree to get to a bee hive for the honey.  Each page is a different animal and the name of it's behind.  Not only do the words crack my kids up but the pictures are so funny.  I laughed out loud in the library when we got this book.  Our favorite animal behind  names are Guinea Pig Buns and Flamingo Fanny. My kids can walk into the library and go straight to the shelf where this book is and pick it up.  We love it.  So if you are interested in just a silly book about animal bottom names check this one out.  And it also teaches good word choice because it tells you that even though they are all bottoms there are many different words that you can use to mean bottom.  We check this out from the library at least once a month.

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