Friday, July 15, 2011


Stellaluna By: Janell Cannon

Stellaluna was raised by birds when her mom and she were attacked by an owl and she fell from the sky.  So Stellaluna does not act like the bat that she is.     She does not act like a bat but sees nothing wrong with it until the mother bird says she is doing things wrong. Stellaluna is sad and one day flies until she is to tired to go on.  When she wakes up she is looking into the face of another bat that tells her she is upside down.  She becomes friends with this bat and finds that she is right just the way she is.  And when she goes back to talk with her bird friends they find that while they are different they are all just the way they are supposed to be. 
I love this book! It teaches us that we are all special and different and that is okay. It also teaches us to be more kind to others that we think are different.  I think that this is a perfect read for any age to hear.  The reading level would be more for 2nd graders and up.
I purchased this book from the used book store Bookmans.
ISBN: 0-590-48379-X

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