Monday, July 25, 2011

Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes By: Judy Blume

Davey is experiencing a very tough situation. Her father was killed at his store during a hold-up.  Davey is trying to cope with the loss of her dad and the loss of her mom too as her mom sinks further into a depression.  Davey’s aunt and uncle who she hardly knows have agreed to let her family  visit them so that they can begin to heal. But as Davey realizes that this vacation might turn into something more permanent she is feeling even worse. She feels her life is slipping away.  She meets a young man, who calls himself Wolf, and they develop a friendship based on a common element in their life, Davey lost her dad and Wolf is losing his.   Davey’s brother seems to enjoy living with their aunt and uncle but Davey does not like how they have taken over being the parents of her and her brother as her mother slips further away.  Will Davey be able to overcome this event in her life? And will her mother finally realize that Davey needs her? 

I loved this book because it really hit many of the emotions of loss.  It would be best for a high school or older reader as it does touch on things such as teenage drinking. But it would be a great book for someone who wants to know what others might be thinking if they are going through the loss of a parent, or parental figure in their life.  I think that Blume truly showed the healing process and the relationships of the characters and their emotions were laid out fantastically.

I got this book from the Pima County Public Library. ISBN: 9-440-98469-6

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