Thursday, July 21, 2011

Royally Crushed

Royally Crushed By: Niki Burnham
Valerie's parents have just told her that they are getting divorced, and that her mother has decided to go and live with her girlfriend.  Valerie is very upset about this news and has no idea how to tell anyone, so she doesn't. But when given the option to stay with her mom or leave with her dad to a small foreign country called Schwerinborg, Valerie decides to go and live with her dad. She thinks she might have lost all her friends by making this choice as they are very angry and upset with her.  Schwerinborg is not the place she thinks when her dad tells her that he is going to be working for the Prince of the country and that she is going to live in a palace, it is a dull boring country to her and she is not quite the happiest to be living there. Until she meets Georg, who she does not know at the time is the Prince's son (also a prince).  They form a quick friendship that they both want to be more. But because he is a prince there are many things keeping them apart.  Will they be able to be together no matter what other people think?
This is a collection of the three books about Valerie and Georg.  I thought it was a great teenage read. It read very easy and was really entertaining.  It was sort of like the Princess Diaries series.  Where there is a love and they cannot be together because of the stations that they are in.  It was about kids in high school so there are elements of high school drama.  I really liked the style of writing and was able to read it quickly, but the story was also a great one. I would recommend it to any who love a great royal love story!
I got this book at the Pima County Public Library ISBN: 978-1-4424-0648-3 

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