Friday, July 8, 2011

3 PictureBooks Today!

Normally we have one picture book on Friday but today I have three to share that I reviewed for Net Galley. Enjoy!

Too Many Pears!  By Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

Too Many Pears! Is a hysterical book about a cow that likes to eat pears!  The cow, Pamela, loves any kind of pear and will go any  where to get them.  She shows up in all sorts of strange places like the kitchen, school lunch time, and is even able to crawl through a hole in the ground to get at the pear tree when Grandpa gets upset and builds a fence.  But one day Pamela eats 600 pears and gets a tummy ache. Will she ever eat a pear again? 
I loved this book because it was just so funny. The illustrations also made this book one of a kind. The pictures of the people’s faces in the story tell it all. They have shocked and surprised looks on their faces when Pamela is coming again for another pear. This book is just a great read to yourself or read out loud funny book that is sure to win over many children, and their favorite adult reader.
This book was one that I reviewed from
ISBN: 9781932065473

ABC is for Circus By: Patrick Hruby
ABC books are one of the most fun books to read because they are so creative. ABC is for Circus is no exception.  It has beautiful illustrations and covers things you might see in the circus.  It is a great book for children who are learning their alphabet and a great book for children who want to know about things they might see at the circus. I read this to my children before we went to the circus that was in town and they really enjoyed it.  The illustrations jump out at you and are very colorful. A wonderful ABC book!
This book was one that I reviewed from
ISBN: 9781934429617

Back-to –School Rules By: Laurie Friedman Illustrated by: Teresa Murfin
Ready to go back to school? Need some help on what to do when you’re there? Percy can help. In this creative and fun story  Percy tells you his 10 rules for going back to school.  He knows a lot of things about school and he is ready to tell you. My favorite of his rules is “Don’t be impolite”, I think that is the best one.  The illustrations in the book are also a lot of fun. They are creative and make the most important part of the rule they are describing stand out.  This would be a perfect book for a first day read aloud in your class because it is funny and has a good message as well, or a great read aloud to your own children the night before you have to go to back to school.  All in all a great read and I would definitely recommend it.
This book was one I reviewed from
ISBN: 9780761360704

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