Friday, July 22, 2011


This mornings Picture Perfect Friday is dedicated to one of my favorite characters, Olivia!

Olivia is the creation of Ian Falconer.Olivia has many many books out and her own television show! She is the pig who knows drama! Olivia loves to act, sing, dance, do art even when it gets her put in time out. Olivia has a huge imagination that she is always using, whether she becomes an opera singer, ballerina, or a circus performer.  I just love the spunk that Olivia shows!  The images that are in the book are hilarious as they show Olivia in all her glory!  These books are perfect for any age and show just how wonderful using your imagination  can be!
The original Olivia book is titled Olivia and is a Caldecott Honor Book!  ISBN: 0-689-82953-1

But I know that once you start reading Olivia you will have to go out and get them all!!

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