Thursday, July 28, 2011


Fateful By: Cheri Schmidt
Danielle Darcey has left her home to attend art school in London. She is living with her aunt and uncle and cousin Brianna.  Brianna is showing her around town on the second day that she is living there and decides to go with her boyfriend leaving Danielle to figure out how get home. When she leaves the library after dark she is surprised to see a strange looking man standing by her car and even more surprised when in an attempt to get away from him he follows her. She is scared and begins to try to fight back with her karate skills but is unable to fight him. She is rescued by another young man and is left wondering who he is.  She finds out that the mystery guy is Ethan Deveroux.  She is instantly attracted to him and she thinks her is attracted to her too. They begin to date and she can tell there is something different about him. As they get closer his secrets are revealed to her, he is a vampire and he needs her to break what he considers the curse of the vampire.  He tells her that he does not know how to break the curse but that he knows she will help him because he feels like he has known her all his life. She is falling for him too and wants to help him. But that pesky vampire that was chasing her in the begining of the book will not let them be.  Will they find a way to break the curse, will Ethan have to turn Danielle into a vampire so they can be together, and will they get away from the dark vampires trying to hurt them?

I enjoyed this book. It was like many vampire books, girl falls in love with a vampire and they have to fight to be together. What set this book apart was that they are trying to cure him from being a vampire. They have no idea how to do it, just a clue that they have to decipher.  That part made it interesting.  I would say that this book would be  for high school or older students as there are situations that are mature.  :)  The good news is that there are two more books in this trilogy so the story will continue.

I purchased this book on the Kindle edition.  ISBN: 1461103991

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