Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven Year Switch

Seven Year  Switch   By: Claire Cook  So what happens when your husband leaves you without a word and you finally get on with you live after seven years?  You are finally on what you think is the right track. Then guess what? Your husband comes back into your life. Do you let him in and to see your daughter? Jill did, and had a hard time with it.  She felt her daughter was so happy to see him that she was left behind, and she felt that finally she was moving on with Billy and now she is confused. What better way to deal with your stress but to go on a trip for work and leave your ex with your daughter to sort things out.  This book was a great summer read. It was quick and fun, and you were rooting for Jill's happiness in the end. I liked it and recommend it , if you like stories of people overcoming things.

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