Friday, June 17, 2011


Bossypants By: Tina Fey  Tina Fey is an interesting character!  In her book Bossypants she explains events in her life that have lead her to where she is today.  So why read it?  Because the way in which she explains her life is hysterical. It is filled with humor and jokes.  I liked it because she tells it how she sees it and doesn't hold back.  She tells about events that hurt her, made her happy, and nearly killed her.  My favorite chapters include the two that she tells about how people should just not comment on other people's weight, one is about being to thin and the other is about being to fat. So why not just leave people alone as long as they are healthy.  And there is a section on how her mom explained her period to her that was funny, because her mom really didn't tell her anything just gave her a book to read.  I recommend this book not only for just an interesting story of a really funny lady but because it is funny and just a laugh out loud book.

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