Thursday, June 9, 2011


Beastly By: Alex Flinn  A new look at Beauty and the Beast. Kyle is a know it all rich kid with a bad attitude.  He is the King of his class and is taking the most popular best looking girl in the class to the dance.  He thinks he rules the school with his attitude and his manners.  He picks on the wrong girl though when he picks on Kendra, who is she anyway? Kendra turns out to be a witch who casts a spell on Kyle to make him the Beast he really is.  Can Kyle find someone to break the spell or will he be a beast forever. Can he find a girl that will love him for the person he is becoming or will all of them think he is a beast.  This was a great book, it fit the story very well and the modern elements made the story interesting.  I liked how Flinn was able to create characters that you really liked and how she made the story new again. Even though you know how the story is going to end because you know it, it was a fresh look at the story and that is what made it interesting.

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