Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Pocket Full of Kisses

A Pocket Full of Kisses By: Audrey Penn Illustrated by: Barbara Leonard Gibson

Chester Raccoon is not happy about having a little brother and wants to give him away.  He thought it was fun until his little brother started taking his things and sharing other things that Chester wants for just himself. He is especially upset when his Mother gives the baby a kissing hand too.  But Chester’s Mom is able to make Chester feel special too by giving him a pocket full of kisses.

This is a touching story and perfect for every kid who maybe does not like or understand how even when there is a new baby around Mom still loves you both.  The illustrations are beautiful and full of detail.  I think that this would be a perfect gift for any child, but especially for a child who is a new big brother or sister.  My children loved this story.

I received this story from www.netgalley.com in the Kindle form, from Tanglewood Press. Inc.            
 ISBN: 978-1-9337180-2-6

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