Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alice I Have Been

Alice I Have Been  By: Melanie Benjamin This is historical fiction. It is the story of the girl that the book Alice in Wonderland is based on .  It tells the story of a little girl with a bright spirit that has a story told for her.  She is in awe of the man that wrote it and begs him to write it down for her.  He does and gives it to her when she is a little older. She ends up growing up and the story still follows her. The first man she actually loves, is in love with her because she is the Alice of the story, which makes her sad.  She marries, has three sons, two of them die in the war and then she looses her husband, who at the end of his life she finally realizes that he is the only man that loved her for who she was not because she was Alice.  This book was sad for me. First it starts with the man who writes the story for Alice being in love with her when she is seven. I find that odd to focus on because it is so strange.  The story is told that this man Dodgon loved her and took many pictures of her and then Alice as she gets older feels love to him and actually at one point wants to marry him, he is then sent off by her parents and she moves on with her life, but he never does he wants her to stay as a little girl because he loves her that way.  That part was a little strange to me.  All in all I think it is a good book because it is interesting to see a story behind one of the most famous stories of all time. 

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