Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raiders' Ransom

Raiders’ Ransom  By: Emily Diamand  Lilly is a fisher in the future world where many floods and collapses have happened and most of known London is underwater.  She is out fishing one day on her boat, even though her Granny and others believe she should not be because she is a girl, when disaster strikes her home.  The Raiders have come and destroyed things in her village and killed her Granny.  They were looking for Lilly’s seacat and the jewel that will help them win over Scotland.  In hopes of avoiding being married off because she is an orphan, Lilly steals the ransom that is meant to rescue the Prime Minister’s daughter and sets out on an adventure to rescue her.  She winds up finding out that the jewel is really a “puter” game from the past and meeting the son of the man who kidnapped the girl and the adventure continues. What happens to Lilly, does she rescue the girl, get caught and killed, you will have to read for yourself.   I really liked this books adventures, I think that it might be great for a 6th-8th grader or older. The theme is definitely adventure and daring people making a difference and it is left way open for a sequel.  I really liked the writing style and it was a “quickish” read as it was fast paced. The story was interesting in that the world is partially underwater and people are living I places that did not get flooded or plunged into water in London, and makes references to things of olden days like computers (puters) and Harry Potter.  It was a fun read and would be interesting to see a sequel.  

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