Monday, June 13, 2011


Detours By: Bette Nordberg  Callie is a single girl who just started 2 businesses. She thinks she is finally making something of herself.  But as we all know life isn’t always what we think.  When Callie’s renter and friend Celia is in a car accident and in ICU Callie is the only one who can care for Celia’s son.  Callie is terrified because she has no idea what to do with the  four year old.   But with a little praying and hope she is able to do it and falls in love with the little boy. Marcus is tired of hiding out and plans to return to where he started out.  He is tired of running and not making ends meet.  He finds out that the man he is hiding from is out of jail and he knows he is coming for him.  Then he finds out that his sister in law is in trouble and he tries to find her so he can help her.  But he is to late, when he gets there Celia has already passed on and Callie won’t be honest about where his nephew is.  Callie and Marcus get into a battle over who is going to be the guardian of the boy. That is all I am going to tell you so that you read the book.  This is an uplifting story about when times are hard what people can accomplish. It also shows that if you love people you can make things work. 

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