Monday, June 6, 2011

The Crowfield Curse

The Crowfield Curse By: Pat Walsh  William is working at an abbey because his family’s house burned down and he was the only survivor. The monks of the abbey took him in so that he had a place to live and they had a servant.  William works very hard but one day he meets and injured hob. William decides to help the hob and from there on out things are very different for him.  Things in his life begin to get interesting. There is a strange visitor at the abbey and he hears of a buried angel.  William is set off on an adventure that is unbelievable.  This was a great book, I’m not going to tell anymore because it is a mystery and adventure and you don’t want to know more about it.  I liked the book because it kept you going to find out the ending.  It is categorized as a child book but I think it would be great for anyone older than about 5th grade reading level.  It is pretty long at 326 pages so younger readers might be a little overwhelmed by it.  But I can see a high reader who loves a challenge and is interested in magical things reading this book with no problem.

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