Friday, July 11, 2014

Waiting For Normal

Waiting For Normal By: Leslie Connor

Addie really wishes that her life could be normal.  It really isn't though, her father died when she was little and her mother has just gotten a divorce from her husband.  Dwight is very nice to Addie and treats her as his own, but she isn't and so instead of moving with him and her little sisters, Addie is forced to live in the tiny trailer with her mother.  Mommers is not great at taking care of Addie and she spends a lot of time alone, but she makes friends with Soula and Eddie that run the gas station next door.  As Addie's mom continues to leave Addie for longer and longer, and Dwight moves away, Addie has to fend for herself, and she gets more and more lonely.

I loved this story, but it broke my heart. I felt so sorry for Addie, she really just wanted a family and know that she was loved and cared for.  She had so many in her life that tried to help her.  I wish every kid in her situation could have the heroes Addie had.

I was given this book.
ISBN: 978-0-06-089090-2

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