Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Twenty-One Balloons

The Twenty-One Balloons By: William Pene Dubois

Professor William Waterman Sherman attempted to fly across the world with his twenty-one balloons. He was not successful and was found in the Atlantic ocean floating on his wreckage.  The world wants to know his story, but he is in no hurry to tell them.  When he does finally start talking he tells the tale of his adventures.  No one knows is the professor's tale is true or false, but they all know that it is one that they want to hear.

This was a quirky and fun story for the adventurous readers.  The contraption that the professor makes is out of this world, and unbelievable.  Written with the main character telling the story of his fantastic journey makes it even better and it reads as a nonfiction story.  Even though this story was written in 1947, it still is a great story for students today.

This book was donated to my classroom
ISBN: 0-590-56925-2

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