Monday, July 28, 2014

An Abundance Of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines By: John Green

Colin is not your typical teenager, he is brilliant but lacks social skills.  In his life he has dated 19 Katherines, but this last one has broken his heart. To help him get over Katherine XIX, Colin's friend Hassan suggests that they take a road trip.  They set off from their home and drive for a long time ending up in  Gutsthot, Tennessee, and meet Lindsay and her mom, Hollis.  They decide to stay and work for Hollis, all the while Colin is trying to get over Katherine XIX.  What Colin is able to find in this small Tennessee town just might save him.

This book was just another great one from John Green.  I love Colin's character, all the quirkiness, the sadness, and the abundance of facts. I think what really got me was that Colin may not have been like the other teens in his life, but he had so much more than them, it just took someone longer to find it.  I feel like that is real life, not the typical teen drama.

I purchased this book at Costco.
ISBN: 978-0-14-241070-7

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