Friday, July 11, 2014

The Birchbark House

The Birchbark House By: Louise Erdrich

This is Omakayas' story.  She lives in her village and works along with the others.  She loves living in the birchbark house more than the cabin for winter.  When everyone in her village gets sick with smallpox, Omakayas does not, and she cares for those around her.   During her growing up she finds out many things about how she can take care of others, how she is connected to the land, and then how Old Tallow was the one who saved her from the village that she was orphaned in.

This was a great read for upper elementary or middle school readers.  It was true to the historic nature of the Native Americans it represented.  The story of Omakayas was a wonderful tale for any young person growing up and one that many could relate to.

I was given this as a gift
ISBN: 0-439-20340-6

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