Monday, July 21, 2014

The Orphan of Ellis Island

The Orphan of Ellis Island By: Elvira Woodruff

Dominic does not want anyone to know his secret.  He hides it every day at school, but on one class trip it seems that he will have to share it.  His class is on a tour of Ellis Island, and the tour guide is asking everyone to share their story.  When it is Dominic's turn, instead of telling everyone he is an orphan and doesn't know anything about his family, he runs away.  Dominic finds a place to hide, and wakes up later to find that he is in the museum at night. Knowing he will have to wait for someone to find him, he walks around and listens to the recordings of the immigrants that came to Ellis Island, one recording gives him more than he asks for and he is transported back in time.

This was a touching book with a great historical base.  Dominic's story is so much like many kiddos today, and they will relate to it.  I thought the idea of him going back in time, and finding out what it was like for immigrants to come to America was a great story. Great read for upper elementary and middle school readers.

This book was donated to my class.
ISBN: 0-590-48246-7

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