Thursday, July 17, 2014

On My Honor

On My Honor By: Marion Dane Bauer

Joel isn't sure that he likes being Tom's friend. Tom always likes to do things that Joel is not supposed to do and is a little afraid of.  One day Tom convinces Joel that they should ride their bikes on an adventure.  Joel's father gives them permission, but has them promise not to do anything other than ride to the park.  Along the way, Tom decides that swimming in the river will be fun.  Although reluctant, Joel decides to join him, and challenges Tom to swim out to the sandbar.  Tom disappears, and Joel realizes that Tom has gone under.  He tries to find help, but by the time he does Tom is nowhere to be found.  Joel hides the information and tells a lie to the police and Tom's family. He is distraught with guilt.

I usually do not dislike any books. I wish I had not read this.  It made me so sad, I cannot imagine a boy whose friend has just drown, hiding it from the police and his family.  Not only because that is such the wrong thing to do, but because the guilt that that the child will carry for the rest of his life is unimaginable to me.  When I got to the end of the book, I was shocked and disappointed. It won a Newbery Honor and is based on actual events in the town it is based on, but I don't think that I will have this in my room.

This book was donated to my class
ISBN 0-440-46633-4

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