Sunday, August 4, 2013

Susan Dennard

Something Strange and Deadly and  A Darkness Strange and Lovely By: Susan Dennard

Eleanor lives in Philadelphia and knows to be afraid of The Dead. When the Dead are out you must hide and leave it to the Spirit Hunters to rid of them.  But Eleanor's brother is missing and she knows something is not quite right.  While being courted by Clarence,  Eleanor turns to the Spirit Hunters to help her find her brother and solve the mystery of why the dead are in Philadelphia. Daniel does not want her around, but they find themselves in a place where they must rely on each other or not make it out alive.

In the second book, the Spirit Hunters have left Eleanor and are living in Paris. Eleanor knows that something is hunting her so she leaves her mother in the mental hospital and travels to Paris to get help.  Along the way she ends up binding herself to a demon, and begins to use her necromancy powers. When she is reunited with her Spirit Hunting friends they do not take to kindly to her new demon and decide that she cannot be one of them. But they are all forced back together to help rid of the evil in Paris.

I thought that both of these books were great.  Perfect for older teens and young adult readers.  Lots of magic, undead, and romance.  I love Eleanor, she feels like a misfit (which goes perfect with her name Miss Fitt) and just wants to belong. She misses her brother, and is in love with Daniel, but things just don't always work out for her.  I thought that the mix of the magic and undead with the past was also a fun part of the book.  The cover images of both of these books are also really pretty. Great read, and now I am anxious to read the end in the last book.  You can also pick up the e novella  A Dawn Most Wicked

I borrowed these from the public library.

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