Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tera Lynn Childs

This post is dedicated to Tera Lynn Childs.

In her series Forgive My Fins Lily is not an ordinary teen.  She is part mermaid!  She does not tell anyone at her school this because that would threaten her merfamily.  She is actually the princess.  But when her annoying neighbor Quince, kisses her, her secret has to come out. They are bonded and he will turn into a merman soon. But Lily does not want this to happen because she cannot stand him!!  Since her father will not unbind them she goes to great lengths to prove that they are not suited, only to fall head over heals for him.  This is fine but in the rest of the series, this bond proves something difficult at Lily is tied to her community under the sea, and she has a crafty cousin Dosinia that just might ruin it all!!  Perfect read for the high school crowd!!

In her series  Sweet Venom Grace, Gretchen, and Greer find out that they are triplet descendants of Medusa. They see and smell the evil beings that are haunting the human world.  But none of them are prepared for the amount of crazy beings that are unleashed as they fulfill an ancient prophecy.  They must find a way to work together, and Gretchen must find a way to train Grace and Greer in the art of hunting before it is to late. But along the way they find some unexpected allies that will help them solve their problems.  This series will continue with a third book soon.  Again a perfect high school read!

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