Monday, January 21, 2013


Enchanted By: Alethea Kontis

Sunday Woodcutter knows that she has to have a happy life. That is what the poem says of her, and living in an enchanted forest with a family of people with fae blood she knows that she must accept her fate, she also knows that words are powerful and whatever she writes will come true in some form, so she only writes about the past.  Her diary is the story of her life, but with a large family she often  feels alone, until she meets Grumble a talking frog, who wants to become a man again.  They become friends and Sunday begins to fall in love with him, and wants to help him, but she doesn't realize that the frog she kisses becomes the man her family does not like the most. The Prince that took her brother away.  But Rumbold is determined to win her heart and tries his best to tell her the truth.  But her family is put into danger when the families come together at a ball.  Will her heart win?

I thought this was  a cleverly crafted mash up of fairy tales. It seems that every loved fairy tale was represented in some way in this terrific story.  The enchanting tales were woven together skillfully and kept you guessing at what story you were actually in.  I loved how all the stories blended together to create a new story of love and trickery.  Very good read that is perfect for high school and up!!

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN:  978-0-547-64570-4

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