Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Claws By: Mike and Rachel Grinti

Emma and her family have just moved from their home to a trailer park full of strange creatures.  They are leaving the world of humans to live with the crags because her father is intent on finding her sister Helena, who disappeared.  Emma finds it hard to live with the crags especially when she goes back to school and her best friend will not talk to her because she says she cannot due to where Emma lives.  Lucky for Emma she meets Jack, a dirty cat who tells her that he can help her find her sister.  He makes her the Pride Heart of the cat clan and tells her his plan to rescue her sister.  But being part cat also comes with some problems.

This was an interesting story of a girl who just wants her family to go back to normal. It was full of action and adventure and some strange creatures.  I admit when I first began to read this book I was a little confused and couldn’t follow what was happening, but as I got into the book I thought it was quite interesting.  Perfect for any fourth through sixth grade reader!

I was given this from the Scholastic Book Fair.
ISBN: 978-0-545-50871-1

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