Friday, October 14, 2011

Scaredy-Cat Splat

Scaredy-Cat Splat  By: Rob Scotton

It's Halloween!!  Splat is going to be w witch, but his broom breaks. So after finding a spider, Splat decides to be a spider and off he goes to school to be scary, but he ends up being scared by the other cats!  All Splat wants to do is scare someone today, can he do it?

I love the Splat books, they are the most fun kids picture book right now for my family.  The cat Splat is such a adorable cat, he has a  friend, Seymour, who is a mouse that is also in every book.  The pictures are what make these books so wonderful to me.  They are so expressive and it makes the characters jump right out of the page.  I suggest you pick these books up, they are the best for anyone who loves picture books, my kids are little so they love them the most!

Check out Rob Scotton's Page, where you will find out about all his books.  We also LOVE Russell the Sheep.

I purchased this book at Target.
ISBN: 978-0-06-117760-6

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