Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Bunnicula By: Deborah and James Howe

Harold and Chester are the family pets! And one night another pet is found and brought home by the Monroe family.  This pet is a bunny, but there is something strange about him.  Bunnicula, named because he was found at the Dracula movie, is never awake during the day and has strange red eyes. Chester, the family cat, thinks he is a vampire bunny and is out to prove this to Harold, the family dog.  Will they solve the mystery of the strange little bunny?

This book is one of the funniest books I know!  I was reminded today when I was reading it with my fourth and fifth graders. I was cracking up!  It is full of funny phrases and situations. For example, Chester is out to rid the family of Bunnicula. He thinks that Bunnicula is a vampire and so he decides to try to stake him, well, he uses a steak instead and the family thinks he has gone crazy.  I love this book so much.  Everyone should read it with their kiddos!

I have a class set of these that I don't remember where I purchased them. (They are falling apart with LOVE)
ISBN:  978-0689806599

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