Friday, October 28, 2011


The last Friday is October! AAHH!  So without further ado this is my most FAVORITE Halloween book ever!

Halloween By: Jerry Seinfeld  Illustrated By: James Bennett

This book is based on the stand up comedy of Jerry Seinfeld. It is all about what he perceived Halloween to be as a kid.  It is full of FUNNY things, like the masks that do not fit correctly, or how he felt like he was wearing Superman's pjs instead of a costume.  I love the pictures in this book because they make me laugh.  I don't know that children today truly understand this book because they just don't have the same experiences that Jerry had.  I think costumes today, at least the mask, must be made differently.  It also talks about all the candy that he got and how as he got older he had a system.  I related to the circus peanut reference and think it is hysterical. Anyway I love this book and read it every year on Halloween to my children and to the students in my class.

I purchased this book at one of those Halloween stores many years ago for only $10!

ISBN: 0-316-13454-6

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