Monday, September 19, 2011

Princess of the Midnight Ball

 Princess of the Midnight Ball By: Jessica Day George
Rose and her sisters are always disappearing and wearing out their dancing slippers.  Their father is beside himself wondering where they have gone to and what they are doing.  He even has guards and maids outside their doors at night and cannot solve the mystery of where they are going.  Galen is a young soldier back from the war living with his aunt and uncle and tending to the palace gardens.  When Rose and her sisters fall ill that is the last straw for their father and he sends word that any noble man who can solve the mystery can have Rose’s hand in marriage. None of the potential suitors can figure it out and they all meet a mysterious end when they leave the palace. Out of a beginning concern for Rose and her sisters Galen decides to give it a try. Not for her hand in marriage but because he cares for them all.  With the help of some magical powers can Galen save Rose and her sisters soon enough or will the dancing continue?

I enjoyed this book, and was reminded of the other similar book that I blogged about (Entwined).  I liked that this while it had mystery also had the story told from both Galen and Rose’s point of view.  I thought that it was a typical ending to the story that I knew was going to happen but the way it got there was a good surprise. I would say that this would be a good book for any 6th grade reader and up.  

I got this at the public library.
ISBN: 978-1-53330-455-9

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