Friday, September 9, 2011

Diary of a Worm

Diary of a Worm By: Doreen Cronin Pictures By: Harry Bliss
                Worm is telling his story. He is important to the Earth, he helps make Earth breathe.  He has a friend named Spider, they cannot do the same things but they can still be friends.  He is afraid of things like hopscotch, and fishing season! Worm also wants to e a Secret Service Agent!

                I love this book!  It is laid out in a diary format that is hysterical to read alone and read aloud to others.  Kids of all ages enjoy this book, from my two year old to the students I have had in my class that are in high school now! The pictures help to make this book so fun to read. They are full of detail that makes them come alive.  My favorite part is when worm says that they were doing the hokey pokey and all they can do is the part where you put your head in and your head out!

                If you like this book there is also Diary of a Fly and Diary of a Spider.

                I purchased this book at the Scholastic Book Fair
                ISBN: 0-439-67774-2

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