Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Entwined  Heather Dixon
                Azalea is a princess who loves to dance.  Her and her sisters, she has 10, love to sneak and watch the adults dance whenever possible. But on this the night of her first Yuletide ball she is nervous for many reasons. Her mother is very ill and pregnant with her twelfth child, and she is in charge of the ball and wants it to go smoothly.   But alas, her mother dies that night, and also gives birth to another baby girl. Azalea’s family is sent into mourning and her father the King is at a loss for what to do.   Azalea is forced to become the parent to her eleven sisters and is frustrated with the distance that the King puts between them all. Azalea and her sisters are forced not to dance, until they find a secret passageway that leads them to the Keeper, who in his magical place allows them to dance the night away.     But the Keeper does have a price to pay, and he likes to keep things.  While they dance the night away the King has decided to find a husband for Azalea during the day, and she has many young men coming to seek her hand. Will she find the one she loves?
                This was a fantastic book for any young adult to adult reader. It was full of magic and adventure.  The castle they live in has magic items, secret passageways, and a history of an  evil king that kept peoples souls.  I loved the characters in this book for their adventurous spirit, and for their relationships. It truly showed how a family that is grieving can come together and work to save each other. And of course it has love in it, for it truly is a love story in the end.  I loved this book.

 I got this book at the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-06-200103-0

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