Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dishonored By: J. R. Reardon
                This is the  sequel to Confidential Communications and does not disappoint. It follows the life of Rebecca eight years later, as she is now a Federal Court Judge. She is also married to Joshua Tameron and has two lovely children. In this installment Rebecca is tormented by  a fellow judge that is missing and cannot be found. She is placed under high security and it seems that every little thing is someone out to get her.  Also in the picture is Jessica Cohen who just cannot stand Rebecca and would love for her to disappear!  One thing leads to another and Rebecca’s finds herself in a huge mess when she is arrested for the disappearance of her friend. Can she figure out the plot against her, and can they find that missing judge.
                I really enjoyed finding more out about Rebecca in this book. I like her character a lot and think that the mysteries that are in the book are so much fun to read.  The book really goes fast as you are trying to find out and figure out what is really going on.  Great job on a sequel.
                I bought this Kindle version from Amazon.com

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