Friday, September 16, 2011

If Only I Had a Green Nose

If Only I Had a Green Nose By: Max Lucado Illustrated By: Sergio Martinez

  Lucia and Punchinello were wondering what all the fuss was about as they looked out their window. All their fellow Wemmicks, or wooden people, were standing in line together.   When the people were done in line they all had green noses! Lucia and Punchinello did not understand why they were all getting green noses, but they sure did want them because everyone else had them. So Punchinello finally gave in and got his nose painted green. Well one day a man walked by with a red nose, and then that became all the rage, now everyone stood in line to change the color of their nose again.  Every time a new color became popular Punchinello and his friends would change the color of their noses, and they did not know what they even looked like before. This made them feel sad and they went to visit Eli, the man that created them, to ask for his advice. He told them that everyone was made special and that being yourself is what counts, He carefully fixed all their noses to the way he made them originally.

  I love this book for the message it tells kids.  It is okay to be who you are and not to change for other people. The things that are popular now are not always going to be popular and so changing yourself for other will not last. It also teaches kids to be accepting  others for who they are.

I bought this from the Scholastic Book Order.

ISBN: 0-439-56245-7

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