Saturday, February 1, 2014

Liar and Spy

Liar and Spy By: Rebecca Stead

Georges is not thrilled to be having to move into an apartment and leave his house.  Georges does not have many friends, so when he meets Slater he hopes that he can have one.  It helps that Slater and his sister, Candy, have worse names than Georges. Slater is a home schooled boy, who never leaves that apartment. He spies on all the other tenants.  He recruits Georges to help him, and Georges is thrilled that he has a friend, but is confused about how much sneaking he should do.  But things at home are not great and so Georges likes being around Slater's family.

This was a good middle school read.  It would be great for all those boys around that need a friend.  I liked how Georges family, even though they were busy were really trying to do the best for the family.  I also enjoyed how Georges and his mother communicated to each other using a Scrabble board on the table.  Pretty good story.

I bought this from Scholastic.
ISBN: 978-0-375-85087-5

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